She's fake! He's fake!

Hi lovelies! I've missed you too.
when you say fake, it means not original right?
In recent times, the society describes a group of people as fake which simply means not being in ones true form. How can you truly tell if an individual is fake? Is it because he or she is not acting the way you expect he or she should behave?
The society might have stamped a certain behavior as normal, but can we say it is really normal? 
Has the society now neglected the fact that we all have have different makeups as human beings?
I ask these questions because I am in awe of how people feel other humans should live out  their lives in accordance to their unfounded opinions.

Only you and of course your father in heaven really knows you, and as such, no one has the right to dictate to you how you should behave anywhere at anytime. Lately, people throw the word 'FAKE' carelessly, and this made me ask questions, and I got to find out that a good number refer to people who are only with you when all is well with you, and are nowhere to be found in your trying times as fake, while a larger number refer to people whose behaviors are not in line with their idea of how people should act as fake, which I personally feel is wrong.  

That being said, do not let anybody make you feel like you need to change you! stay true to you!
do not go around acting like who your'e not just because you want to blend in with the norm of the society or because you don't want to be seen as fake by people who might not have probably fully figured out themselves or people who are not even courageous enough to be them. Be you! do you regardless of baseless opinions of the inhabitants of God's green earth. please leave your thoughts on this topic.
And yes I love my outfit, I hope you love it too.

Unapologetically Ama

Thank you for taking out time to check out my blog. I really do appreciate it!

Photos: Joy Christian


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    1. I love this post, people need to learn how to be unapologetically themselves. ♡♡♡ btw I love your outfit��


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