Shades of Nude

Hi Lovelies! I am having a splendid week, how is yours going? tell me tell me tell me! so guys, do you ever plan on doing something in a certain way and end up doing it in an entirely different way, then remember later how you planned on doing it when its done? well, short story of my life hehehee. I planned on doing this shoot in a very different background, but I ended up doing it here. There is a whole lot to this background that I am excited about, which I really lack words to explain....We'd all agree that no situation is ever that bad right? it all depends on our ability to see the good in them. I hope you enjoy the rest of your week



Thank you for taking out time to check out my blog, I really do appreciate it!

Shoes: Liliana

Photos: Lyn Christian


  1. Very chic look. Love the juxtaposition of your outfit and the background.


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