Dinner/Red Carpet Ready!

Hello my darlings! I am so excited today coz I know I look gooood! goodness me! I had to judiciously utilize this beautiful make up. I wore this beautiful dress a few years back for my cousins wedding and since then, I have been gunning for another opportunity to wear it again and bam! the opportunity came knocking today, trust your girl na, she grabbed it with her two beautiful hands..A black dress is usually my go-to color whenever something impromptu comes up, but with the way this color makes my eyes pop, I'd definitely have a rethink on the black dress ish. I know you're tired of seeing my balcony, I apologize, but you're gonna be seeing it  a few more times. Please bear with me, and I know that I know that I know you love me too much to let my balcony come between us, but u know what? I LOVE YOU MORE....



Sandals: Aldo
Make up: Topnotch Makovers

Photos: My Super momma!


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