Blue Prints

Hi lovelies! hope you all are doing just as great as I am. This is the last one of the modest series from Redaura Fashion. This blue prints where looking quite strange to me when I first saw them...I thought about pairing the pants with some regular white top or even a shirt, but the designer suggested that it be styled this way. Although I had very little likeness for it already, I couldn't just stop myself from silently saying to myself 'oh no, I'm not quite sure if they work'....and then  my beautiful mind said to me 'forget the rules baby, if you like it, then wear it! and this is it guys. I hope you like it


Thank you for taking out time to check out my blog. I really do appreciate it!

Pants: Redaura Fashion
Sandals: Aldo

Photos: Bilkis Audu


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