Chic restyle!

Hey there! first of all permit me to complain about this extremely hot weather we've got here in Abuja! Aaahn! Mr Sun...wait oo did I say Mr?! hell no! you have got to be a lady to be this fierce! pity us small na, we know you are the hottest, I am not even contesting with you on that, just calm down before you roast the 'Dudu' ones and turn the 'Yellow' ones to dudu, Thank you.
Now, we talked about restyling right, so I decided to restyle this chic jacket with a super high waist jean, which I previously wore with a dress and you all loved it. Let me sha warn you to wear this jacket only when you know the sun will not get to you, if not, na die o! I hope you like it.


Thank you for taking out time to check out my blog! I really do appreciate it!

Jacket: George

Photos: Joy Christian


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