Love me some D!

Hi Lovely Lovelies! Guess who's back! meeeeee! its been a while since you last saw me.....miss me? yes? no?! Dang! I knew the answer would be a big fat yes! hahhaha...Tell me, what have you guys been up to while I was away in 'Busy land'?.....I really want to know, do drop your comments below.

Shall we now talk about my fantastic outfit? So, I decided to do the denim on denim look which can never be over emphasized as you can style it in your own special way. Apparently my kid sis hates these jeans because she feels it makes me look like I have no bum at all, but the love I have for this D wont let me think of dumping it at all. Ulalahhh those booties on the boot cut just makes me want to sing all day long.  I hope you like it as well. 


Thank you for taking out time to check my blog out. I really do appreciate it!

Jeans: Next
Booties: Sofft
Bag: Moximini

Photos: Joy Christian


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