Lace Affair!

Hello my people, ......Because you know its all about that lace, bout that lace, no cotton, its all about that lace, bout that lace, no cotton.....Hahaha....hope everyone is doing good?
I got this lace top when I was back in Lagos without any clear idea on how to style it until one day I was goofing around as usual while listening to Meghan Trainor's 'All about that bass' and my goofy self decided to sing 'All about that lace'...I then reached out for my lace dress, and this what I made out of this fabulous lace top. And don't you just love the fact that the shoe is also made out of lace???!!! is really a lace affair. I hope you like it



Thank you for taking out time to check out my blog, I really do appreciate it!

Dress: Edge
Top: Momo's
Shoes: Glamour n Glitz

Photos: Joy Christian


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