Ama Genie!

Hi darlings! Thank God its Saturday! Enough time to rest and be all sloppy! Hehehee. Soooo... Once upon a time, a cute young lady named Joy Christian, who also happens to be mai baby sis, said "walahi talahi I must show face on this ya blog". So today I present to you Miss Joy! The favorite pain in mai big butt. lol. J-Girl have you seen yasef now?! Satisfied?! Glad I could make this wish come through today, now its ya turn to do same. Make someone's wish come true today people! 
Have a fun filled weekend. 
Now singing *DaddyYo make we dance!!! 


Thanks for taking out time to view Miss Joy. I really do appreciate!

Shoes: Aldo & J-Girl's shoe
Dresses: Aunty Amaka


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