Hi Lovelies! it's been ages since I posted something new and I'm so so so so darn sorry about it.
It's a new year and I've been working on something new which I can't wait to show you and tell you about! I'm super excited about it and I know you'd love it too. So this is one of the pictures taken from one of my collaborations with 'Redaura'. I love every inch of this outfit! The Cold shoulder Top! the Sexiness it brings... And what's not to love about the  the ruffles on the skirt that makes me feel some-type-a-way. You need to get in this AERIN MENDES 2 piece outfit to get a taste of how I feel, cos me no fit to explain am... Enjoy!


Thank you for taking out time to check out my blog I really do appreciate it!

Tow piece: Redaura

Sandals: Misguided

Photos: Lemmy Studios


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