Finally! I Found Love Guys!!!

Hi Lovelies! its another Sunday and I had a wonderful time in God's presence. Guess what guys, ermmmm... I have finally fallen helplessly in love ... and her name is Diane! Yes! Diane: The Mustard Dress! Hahaha! {P.S. I straight die,so no even think am}. So I was too excited about the dress and I could not wait to get home to put up pictures I took in it. I love love the color of this dress and Oh Mai Goodness! the way it flatters my figure, makes me not want to take it off, and yeah the vintage car in the background be giving the picture too much SPICE {God bless the person that parked it here}. I hope you like it. Enjoy!


Thank you for checking out my blog. I really do appreciate.
Dress: Vogue
Shoes: Dorothy Perkins
Purse: Jessie's Staples

Photos: Jess
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