She goes topless!

Hi lovelies! happy Sunday to you. It's been a few days, but it feels likes it's been ages! It is exactly a week to Christmas and  I'm pretty sure everyone is excited and thankful to God for keeping his covenant of life with us. 
Did you know you could go topless without literally being topless?!
yeah so on this very day it felt like I had nothing to wear in the midst of plenty. So I decided to ask my mum for ideas, and as a typical Nigerian mum she said  to me ''Wear your skirt and trouser if you don't know what to wear again''.... At first I was unhappy about her response but then, it turned to be a great idea, and I quickly reached out for the nearest skirt in my closet. Instead of trousers as she suggested, I wore it over a pair of leggings. I have also worn a blazer over it for a different look. I hope you like it.


Thank you for taking out time to check out my blog. I really do appreciate it!

Skirt: Vogue
Leggings: Primark
Purse: Jimmy Choo
Shoes: Dorothy Perkins

Photos: Peter

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