Hi lovelies! I trust you are doing well and having a great week...I was going through my closet and I found this prints/ankara skirt my cousin made for me ages ago, and there I was, starring and thinking of just what to do with it....after few seconds of thoughts, the only thing I had in my head was  ''ANKARAISH ENGLISH''...permit me to use my self invented words *Covers Face*

so I paired it with this beautiful pink long blazer to really make  it an ''Ankaraish English'' outfit. I decided to try it out with a white and black cami which works perfectly, depending on what you feel most comfortable in. you can go with the white cami for a brighter look and black for a more toned down look. Enjoy ladies and don't forget to dress ''Ankaraish English''. Make more prints/ankara skirts and you never know when you'd find the perfect top or blazer for it. I hope you like it... 


Thank you for taking time to check out my blog, I really do appreciate it.

                                                                    Blazer: Boohoo
                                                                    Shoes: Dorothy Perkins
                                                                    White Camisole: Papaya
                                                                    Black Camisole: Atmosphere

                                                                    Photos: GP Christian

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