Little Ivory Dress

Hi darlings, happy Sunday to all of you. I had such a beautiful weekend.... Tell me, how was yours?! Really guys I've been extremely excited about God knows what! Maybe because it's almost my birthday or??? Ah yes! Christmas! 
 It is safe to say that this past week has been the best week for me in the past two months and today, I will be showing the best staple in my wardrobe. I call it the best, because it is always there to save me when i'm in doubt.... this little dress can be styled in different ways, whichever works for you. I styled it with this beautiful A-line jacket which for no good reason has been lying fallow in my closet..... I just love the classic look it gives and the fact that I can eat a lot of things without worrying about sucking my belly in! hahahahaa. You could take off the jacket for more fun and flirty look. I hope you like it...


Thank you for taking out time to check out my blog, I really do appreciate it.

Dress: H&M
   Bag: Moximini
 Jacket: George

Photos: Momma!

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  1. Nice colour combination, perfectto. But the sun though wants to blind you.


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