Hi lovelies! so this is my first post and I'm super super super excited about it! you can tell right?!
finally i have a page where i can express myself through my everyday style. My blog is basically going to be about mixing-and-matching, styling, and also how you can make a whole new look from your previously worn pieces. I hope this inspires you ladies... Stay glued!

So i got this dungaree from a random store in town, when i first saw it, I imagined myself looking like the kind of girl that would probably be in one of Brad Paisley's videos because its more of a country side kind of look, and we all know he sings great, I mean really great country music . I kind of had a second thought on getting it, asides the fact that its a cool and laid back look, that wasn't part of what i wanted to look like at the time, but yeah i got it anyway!

So i styled it with this shirt and wedge sandals.....Looks crazy yeah?! well crazy isn't such a bad idea is it?!!! hahahahahaa. Trust me its really comfortable and with the recent trend of our old dumped dungarees coming back in style, i feel like ''Yeah I'm right on track''. I hope you like it....



Shirt: Bhs
Sandals: Qupid

Photos: GP Christian


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