Hi Lovelies, J'espère que tu vas bien heheheheee hope y'all are doing great... sometime last year I walked into a store and decided I was going home with a dress, but I wasn't really feeling almost everything my eyes could see. Just as I was about to leave the store, bam! I sighted this black lace dress and I was like ''oh my goodness! where the hell have you been all my life?'' yeah I literally said that *Covers face*. So I took it and tried it on with the hope that it would fit...I still would have taken it home if it was a size bigger anyway, because i'm good with my needle and thread *flips hair*, but regardless of my skills, the universe decided to smile upon me like never before and yeeehaaaaa it was a perfect fit!
I love how i can style it in different ways... come close let me tell you something...''it is originally an off shoulder dress and also my first black lace dress'' hehehehehee
you can wear this dress to a wedding, dinner,house party, just about anywhere fun..... so i paired it with my favorite pink purse and these court shoes from kurt Geiger.... i hope you like it... Go get a lace dress! thanks for stopping by.
Dress: Edge Shoes: Kurt Geiger Purse: New look Neckpiece:River Island Photos: GP Christian Follow my blog with Bloglovin


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