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African Spice!

Hi guys! happy independence to my country Nigeria, although I wasn't able to get the whole green white green outfit, my shoes could be a pass I guess?....... heheheh... Blimey! Look how happy I am in these pictures, I wonder why....I mean, I know happiness is a huge part of me but this one was a way over the top...Who knows maybe the universe softly reminded me of how pretty my smile is or maybe I just decided to do advert for Close-Up today hehehehee. Remember this top from the previous post? Here. well, I decided to show you how remarkable you can look by adding a pinch of African spice to your everyday look. I have styled my everyday denim on denim look by wearing this Ankara top on my waist. I hope you get inspired. Enjoy!
Ama X

Thank you for taking out time to check out my blog. I really do appreciate it!
Purse: New Look Top: John Baner Jeans: Chengjun Shoes: Dorothy Perkins
Photos: Temi Blitz

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